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Your Stitching has value. With Merrow's Stitch Lab you have the power to ensure that it won't be compromised while being sewn. Our stitch Lab will sew off your material the way you need it with the stitch you want on your customized Merrow Machine. Send us a stitch sample and your material: we'll sew it and have it back to you in 14 days.

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"With Merrow I created a new stitch for my Outdoor Apparel mid-weight line, it's awesome! We were able to develop the stitch and move into production in less than six weeks. The service is unequalled. "

- Rob Nadler, Ragged Mountain CEO

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M and MG Class Machine – Threading

1) To thread the machine, follow the threading diagram provided. (Note Section 1) When threading the Looper Threads, it is convenient to use a Threading Wire (37-318). Insert the thread or yarn into the eye of the Threading Wire, pass the Threading Wire through the Thread Eyes and Tension Discs as shown on the Threading Diagram. To thread the Lower Looper: Turn the Hand Wheel until the Needle is in its highest position to locate the Lower Looper’s eye directly in line with the Lower Looper Thread Tube; pass the Threading Wire (with the Lower Looper Thread in its eye) through the Lower Looper Thread Tube, and the eye of the Lower Looper. Pull the Lower Looper Thread through to the top of the Needle Plate. To thread the Upper Looper: Keep the Needle in the same high position, turn the Hand Wheel to position if necessary. Bend the threading wire into a curve and thread its eye with the upper looper thread. Insert the threading wire into the tube in the Dust Shield (in some cases this tube is in the Frame Cap). The threading wire should come out above the Needle Plate and in front of the Upper Looper. Take the Upper Looper thread out of the threading wire, and thread through the eye of the Upper Looper. Care should be taken when threading the eye of the Upper Looper. Always make sure the thread is going directly from the tube to the eye of the looper, and NOT around the Looper.

2) It is generally advisable to keep the tension on the threads as light as possible to produce good results. Always make sure the thread with the least tension is still controlled, then adjust the other tensions to balance and form the stitch you desire.

3) To change the stitch formation consult your nearest Merrow Distributor. It will be necessary to change the Threading Plates on the front of the machine, and in some cases the Needle Thread Take-up.

Threading Diagrams
Threading No. 31/Style 60 Threading No. M-44 / Style M-2 Threading No. 69/Style M-3Q-3
Threading No. 31 Spec/Style 70 Threading No. 50/Style A-3 Threading No. 72/Style M-2DNR-1
Threading No. 38/Style M-2 Threading No. M-52/Style M-3 Threading No. 75/Style MG-4D-45/60/67
Threading No. 40/Style M-3 Threading No. 56 Style Threading No. 77/Style MG-3DW-7
Threading No. M-43/Style M-3 Threading No. M-64/Style MG-3 Threading No. 78/Style MG-3U
    Threading No. 78S/Style MG-3U

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