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Your Stitching has value. With Merrow's Stitch Lab you have the power to ensure that it won't be compromised while being sewn. Our stitch Lab will sew off your material the way you need it with the stitch you want on your customized Merrow Machine. Send us a stitch sample and your material: we'll sew it and have it back to you in 14 days.

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"With Merrow I created a new stitch for my Outdoor Apparel mid-weight line, it's awesome! We were able to develop the stitch and move into production in less than six weeks. The service is unequalled. "

- Rob Nadler, Ragged Mountain CEO

"Merrow knows sewing, from machine to stitch to garment. During their 172 years in the business they’ve accumulated a vast amount of knowledge on what it means to design, construct, and market a product. They take pride in their work and strive to go above and beyond what is expected of them."

-Gene Laudon, Owner Griffin Manufacturing

Ramblers Way

When Ramblers Way set out to sew their line of next-to-skin active wear, they contacted Merrow about sewing machines. What they got was a comprehensive solution; a unique performance oriented panel stitch sewn on the MG-2DFS-2. “We sent them the material for the garments we were producing and they sewed it off with a stich that was perfect for our application. We told them what we wanted and they were able to deliver the stitch and machines within a matter of weeks.”

Working With Merrow

The Ramblers' story is not unusual - it is how Merrow has been serving its customers since it introduced the first overlock sewing machine over 170 years ago. We were introduced to Ramblers through the factory that was producing their garments - the factory was having difficulty sewing Ramblers' superfine Rambouillet wool on their existing machines, so they brought us in to come up with a solution. The result - a brand new production grade machine (the MG-2DFS-2) that is capable of handling Rambler’s unique material. The factory bought the machines, produced the garments, and Ramblers Way was able to go to market with unique garments that were sewn by unique machines.

From Production to Profit

We worked closely with the folks at Ramblers to make sure that their needs were met and in the end developed a new type of stitch that replaces the cover stitch. The Merrow Panel Stitch sewn by the MG-2DFS-2 performs better and is more attractive than a traditional cover stitch, allowing Ramblers to promote the unique features of their garments. Ramblers has moved well beyond their first production run, and the Merrow’s they initially bought continue to run flawlessy.

Added Value of Merrow

At Merrow we know sewing machines and we care about stitching, and we do everything in our power to make sure that our customers are putting the highest quality stitch on their garments. We take pride in offering unique solutions, and make it a point to develop products that provide distinction and marketability for our customers. It takes a lot to call a stitch a Merrow, and after working with us our customers know why.

The Application
Merrow ActiveSeam™ on Rambouillet Wool
Ramblers Way was an integral partner in the development and perfection of ActiveSeam™.
The Machine
The MB-4DFO sews three versions of the Merrow ActiveSeam™ on base layer material.
The Stitch
Merrow ActiveSeam$#153; Comfort
Customer Stitch Sample
Merrows ActiveSeam™ is a NEW flat overlock stitch that is strong, flat, and soft to the touch.