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Your Stitching has value. With Merrow's Stitch Lab you have the power to ensure that it won't be compromised while being sewn. Our stitch Lab will sew off your material the way you need it with the stitch you want on your customized Merrow Machine. Send us a stitch sample and your material: we'll sew it and have it back to you in 14 days.

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"With Merrow I created a new stitch for my Outdoor Apparel mid-weight line, it's awesome! We were able to develop the stitch and move into production in less than six weeks. The service is unequalled. "

- Rob Nadler, Ragged Mountain CEO


-Tim Hoffman, Hoffman Custom Embroidery

The Merrow Advantage

Tim Hoffman knows what it takes to do something right. That's why his company (Hoffman Custom Embroidery) only uses the latest equipment and technologies to make the highest quality embroidered and screen printed apparel. When Tim learned of Merrow he knew he had found equipment that would meet his quality standards and also something that would give him an edge over his competitors in the greater Annapolis area. The Merrow MG-3U would allow Hoffman Custom Embroidery to sew a custom Merrowed edge on the myriad of emblem shapes and sizes that are the norm with the local motorcycle and social clubs that make up a significant portion of Hoffman's customer base. Merrow provided Tim an MG-3U bundled with a table and motor along with the correct Merrowing thread and Tim was up and running.

Training at the Merrow Factory

Even for a skilled guy like Tim there was a learning curve for the MG-3U. His mechanical skill and knowledge of technical equipment provided a foundation for Merrowing an edge, but when Tim discovered he needed more in-depth training Merrow was eager to help. We invited Tim and some of his employees up to the Merrow factory for a personalized training session and the effort paid off - within minutes Tim was tackling complex emblem designs and sewing a

beautiful Merrowed edge. He was also able to relay what he had learned to his employees, making Hoffman Custom Embroidery the go-to place for high quality, custom Merrowed emblems.

Adding Value Through Stitching and Support

Merrow is acutely aware of the difficulties facing small businesses, so we make sure that we go beyond just providing sewing machines. We are unique in the sewing world in that we listen to our customers and support them post-sale with service and instruction. Merrow has a legacy of craft and attention to detail and we want our customers to know that this extends beyond our iconic sewing machines. It is the foundation of models like the MG-3U and our ability to give hands-on training on how to use it that defines Merrow and our commitment to creating the perfect stitch and teaching others to do the same. We are unique in this regard and it is why the Merrow stitch adds value above and beyond its technical advantage.

The Application
Merrowed Edge for Emblems
Hoffman uses the MG-3U to edge custom emblems and patches.
The Machine
MG-3U The Emblem Edging Machine
The Merrow MG-3U sews a professional, neat edge on emblems and patches.
The Stitch
Merrowed Emblem Edge
Customer Stitch Sample
The Merrowed Emblem Edge is 3/16" wide and sewn at 5500 RPM.