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Your Stitching has value. With Merrow's Stitch Lab you have the power to ensure that it won't be compromised while being sewn. Our stitch Lab will sew off your material the way you need it with the stitch you want on your customized Merrow Machine. Send us a stitch sample and your material: we'll sew it and have it back to you in 14 days.

Send us your material
We'll work with you to create the stitch that brings you value
We'll hand build a machine to sew on your material
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"With Merrow I created a new stitch for my Outdoor Apparel mid-weight line, it's awesome! We were able to develop the stitch and move into production in less than six weeks. The service is unequalled. "

- Rob Nadler, Ragged Mountain CEO

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Overseam Sewing Machine for Heavy Material

The MG-3DW-7 is a heavy duty hemming and seaming machine. Because it is designed with extra space between the needle plate and presser foot, it is primarily used for heavy or dense fabrics and is perfect for sewing materials such as microfiber and canvas duck. The MG-3DW-7 sews a 1/4" stitch that stretches with fabric while remaining

durable and resilient. It sews with three threads, and its wide opening cutters accommodate thick seams and multiple layer inserts - even crossing elastic sections. It provides extra looper and needle throw which is a must when sewing heavier knits and wovens like those used in the construction of furniture and device coverings.

Structural Seam for Slip Covers

The Merrow Seam for slip covers is a heavy duty stitch that is sewn on material used for furniture covering. The stitch is comprised of three threads and is a full 1/4" wide for maximum resiliency and durability.

  • SPEED: 5500 SPM
  • STITCH WIDTH: 1/4"
  • MATERIAL: Microfiber, Canvas Duck, Suede
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Decorative Purl Edging Machine

The Merrow MG-2DNR-1 rolls the edge of fabric into a beautiful decorative purl. Built with Merrow cams, the MG-2DNR-1 operates smoothly and precisely to produce an extremely tight and consistent stitch. It is designed to handle delicate fabrics like satin, sateen, linen and others used for napkins and other table linens, and uses fine-toothed feed dogs to

advance material evenly without causing tears or runs. The result is a purled edge that is as resilient as it is attractive and distinctive. For a distinguished accent on fine garments, the MG-2DNR-1 is a sewing machine in a class of its own. The Purl Edge articulates class and quality, and no machine is adept at sewing the Purl as Merrow's MG-2DNR-1.

Decorative Purl Edge for Satin and Delicate Fabric

The Merrow Decorative Purl is a tight uniform edge that is applied to delicate fabric. As durable as it is beautiful, the Merrow Purl rolls the fabric into the stitch, yet is extremely narrow and dainty in appearance.

  • SPEED: 5500 RPM
  • STITCH WIDTH: 1/16"
  • MATERIAL: Satin, Sateen, Linen

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Folded Decorative Hem Machine

The Merrow MG-2DR is a single needle two-thread machine that sews a folded decorative edge at 5500 RPM. The MG-2DR is arranged with a special needle plate and presser foot finger which folds the material down before applying the stitch.

Folded Decorative Curtain Hem

The Folded Decorative Hem is a strong, straight, decorative seam that is applied to lightweight or sheer curtains. It is either a standard two-thread stitch that is designed to prevent puckering, curl, and thread pull back when sewing long hems.

  • SPEED: 5500 RPM
  • STITCH WIDTH: 3/32"
  • MATERIAL: Linen, Sheer

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MG Class Overedge Machine for Bath Linens

The MG-3DR is a highly reliable MG Class Sewing Machine from Merrow that sews a three thread, single needle overedge stitch. The MG-3DR is equipped with carefully designed devices for rolling material within the overedge, thereby producing a neat, durable edge finish. The stitch is 5/32" wide and presents a durable and attractive finish to terrycloth face cloths and other bath linens.

The MG-3DR is a differential feed machine that is configured to handle bulky material like those used for towels, and it sews at 5500 RPM using carbide steel cutters to handle the fabric.

5/32" Overedge Seam for Bath Linens

The Merrow Overedge Stitch for bath linens is a durable 5/32" finish for seaming the edges of face cloths, dish cloths, wash cloths and other bath linens.

  • SPEED: 5500 SPM
  • STITCH WIDTH: 5/32"
  • MATERIAL: Terrycloth

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